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Olde Mill Venue began with the task of transforming a dusty, overgrown storage barn into a place where guests could experience a special time with loved ones. Although the property had been abandoned, we respected the personality it had to offer as it has been a staple to the surrounding community for over 100 years.


Repurposing the old storage barn into a comfortable reception hall. To sustain the identity of the original mill, we kept a rugged industrial theme by repurposing parts from the original building. Now, the reception hall is able to seat up to 350 guests and offers a variety of amenities making for a truly unique space!


For an all-in-one experience, we have built a functional space for the bridal parties to get ready for their big day! With the ability to sleep 16 total between both suites, and 2 in the "honeymoon" suite, everyone can be included in the whole weekend. This is also the site of our outdoor ceremony space.


The transformation of the grain mill built in circa 1890 is complete! This is a smaller event space seating up to 100 people with an indoor ceremony site. It will "wow" you with its historic charm! 

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